• Winner Tlacuilo Grand Prize in 66 Salon Nacional de la Acuarela

    Great news, honored to receive this fabulous grand prize in Landscape at National Museum of Watercolor, Mexico City

  • Paisaje Pasajero, 56x76 cm

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I hope you enjoy my watercolors, if you feel like it you are welcome to leave a comment at the bottom of  the page. I add new work occacionally, but post my latest work at @heidiswatercolors on instagram. Please check out my facebook artist page: Heidi Andersen Watercolors. Much of my artwork is for sale. Contact me: heidiandersenwatercolors@aol.com

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Welcome to Heidi Andersen Watercolors

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Facebook: Heidi Andersen, Watercolor Artist, Sociedad Mexicana de Acuarelistas


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Painting Demo, Flowers w Purples

Quick Purple Flower Demo using quinacridone Magenta, quinacridone purple, carbazole violet and cobalt blue from #danielsmithwatercolor

  • Featured in Akvarellen Magazine

    Very pleased to be featured in the magazine Akvarellen no. 2, thank you to the Nordic Watercolor Society

  • You can visit the member gallery here:

Watercolor Demo in Budapest, Hungary

Demo at the Mexico-Hungary exhibition “Nuestro Mundo es la Acuarela”. A beautiful joint exhibition on show at Stephania Palota Palace November 16-30 in Budapest, Hungary.